Thursday, April 17, 2014

Catching up and checking in.

Hello there my lovelies! It's been a long while since I've spent any time in this here space but it's been on my mind in the last few weeks. I miss making time for sharing and documenting things I'm doing. There's something about being part of a bigger group that's appealing. Like how some feel like they need to be seen and heard to feel like they're existing, I'm drawn to anything that gives me that feeling of belonging I guess. Anywho, the point is that this virtual-crafty-creative-mama-blogging community is a good thing and something I appreciate being a part of, only I seem to be seriously lacking in time lately. 

Captain Apricot had it's slow period after Christmas and I made new resolutions to be present here and make time for me (blogging being something I do entirely for me) and for awhile I did. Then the seasons shifted and things in the Southern hemisphere cooled down, hence the absence. Right now, things are still busy (like woah) but I've been composing blog posts in my head and imagining projects I'll share and tonight, despite the serious to-do list I ended up here once the kiddies were in bed. 

I'm not sure if those posts and projects will ever get written or shared but for now, I'm happy to be making (yet another) fresh start. The first thing I need to do is catch up on the 52 project because, while I haven't posted the photos here, I've been taking and sharing photos on my instagram with the 52 project in mind. Without further ado, here's weeks 6 to 15.

Monday, February 3, 2014


J: On a rock climbing adventure with friends. So much happy in his face.

Linking in with Jodi over at Practising Simplicity.

This picture was taken by an artist friend, one of the lovelies that took J out.

Friday, January 31, 2014

conversations with my kids.

Things I want to remember forever. The happy, funny and astounding moments with my kids.

During bath time:

E: "I can't get out of the bath because I have freezing in my body. It's a nice freezing, it's big and strong. I have a freezing in my teeth, there are six"

Me: "Why are there six?"

E: "I just have freezing in my body because I have freezing in my body"

At bedtime, an hour or so later:

E: "There was a baby fly in it's mama's puku. I went to the fly's house and the baby fly came out and said "hello" "

Me:"What did you say to the fly"

E: "I said I have a freezing in my body"

Said to me just before I said goodnight:

"Sometimes I have a baby dragon in my tummy when I go to bed"

Seems that Edie is becoming quite the story teller, weaving tales about anything and everything. She jumps from one thing to another and back again and somehow it all makes (preschooler) sense. 

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Sunday, January 26, 2014


J: One minute giggling, laughing and playing on the living room floor with his little sister, the next suddenly still. It's a strange place to be for him I think, not an adult or teen yet but starting to feel the gap between him and childhood widen all the same.

Linking in with Jodi from Practising Simplicity.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grow, Make, Eat

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of gardening and growing veggies. After 3 years in this house our humble little patch has grown to something a little bigger and more productive. I'm sure all the trial and error and learning along the way has helped too. I get really excited about making meals around what I've grown (I say 'I' because really, the garden is MY space) and as things start to get bigger and more and more is ready to be harvested I'm enjoying the fruits of my labours which brings me to last nights' dinner. Just a simple gluten-free pizza base with home-made cashew nut cheese grated on top and home-grown veggies as toppings kind of affair. Nothing too complicated but oh my sunshine there are some fab vegan/gluten-free foodie blogs out there which provide wonderful inspiration and advice!

Garden fresh: basil, rocket, silverbeet, iceberg lettuce (was going to make a side salad with the lettuce and then changed my mind, we'll use that for lunch tomorrow instead) and also a big handful of spring onions.

I made the bases using this recipe, they aren't perfectly perfect in appearance but they taste great. This is the second time using this recipe and I think it's a keeper.

Grated "cheeze" made using this recipe here, although I did change up the flavourings a bit.

Veggies prepped: Didn't grow the courgette myself (or the mushrooms for that matter) but ours are just a few days away from prime picking time!

Pizzas made and pizzas baked!

*I am no food blogger/photographer, nor do I ever expect to be, apologies for the less than stellar images. I really just want to show off that I'm growing food to feed my family because that gives me more satisfaction than words can actually describe!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

conversations with my kids.

Things I want to remember forever. The happy, funny and astounding moments with my kids.

Making snacks in the kitchen together:

J: If life was like a TV show it would be so cool. All the problems get solved in half an hour. 

(A rather good observation for a 10 year old who never watches TV methinks.)

This evening, before bed with Edie:

Edie: Where's my Papa, Mama?

Me: Papa is at work tonight. Do you miss Papa?

Edie: No, I don't miss him because I am not crying. I am happy with my Mama because I am a baby jaguar. (squeaky voice) Baby jaguar, baby jaguar, I'm a baby jaguar"

... We continue getting ready for bed and talking together ...

Me: Edie, what book shall we read tonight?

Edie: No! Baby jaguar!

(Guess I got her identity wrong. An hour earlier she was "a twicewatops" dinosaur.)

At the dinner table:

E: When I was  a little girl I had a big fire engine and Jay Jay had a big bus and they were friends!"

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Somehow, balance.

I wrote about achieving balance and how I would quite like to do that a week or two back and so far it's been an easy-ish thing. The long summer holidays are upon us and so everybody is in slow mode. The small kid is back at creche next week so we've had slow days at home, playing in the garden and baking together. The big kid doesn't go back to school for another three or so weeks and R goes back to work next Tuesday after a blissful month off.

Things that are good about this are; spending lots of time in the veggie garden and eating/using fresh food from our efforts on a daily basis; not staying up past midnight to keep up with orders. I'm still fitting in about 4 hours a day of Captain A stuffs but there is nowhere near as much pressure now that the scary pre-Christmas rush is over; Making and baking. I love playing in the kitchen and I've loved having more time to bake and experiment. I've been trying to get one thing done each day (cookies, crackers, bread, bliss balls, cashew 'cheese', almond butter, muesli...) and it's working! Buying pre-made vegan/gluten-free snacky things can be costly and not so nutrient dense so this is good for us all in lots of ways. No complaints there.

Things that aren't so good are, well nothing really. I really needed the break and while work is slow and R is home things are good and very well balanced. In a few weeks things might not be so simple. 

I'm feeling really positive about these first few weeks of January, I'm putting it down to having a proper break, some good weather and the fact that E still naps for 2-3 hours a day. The next few weeks will be more challenging as R goes back to work, Edie's creche starts up again and Jay's extra curricular activities kick off. Wish me luck!

*I wrote this last week and I have to say that just one day into something of a more normal routine and I'm already feeling so rushed! This will be a real test for me, but one I want to succeed in.

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