Wednesday, January 22, 2014

conversations with my kids.

Things I want to remember forever. The happy, funny and astounding moments with my kids.

Making snacks in the kitchen together:

J: If life was like a TV show it would be so cool. All the problems get solved in half an hour. 

(A rather good observation for a 10 year old who never watches TV methinks.)

This evening, before bed with Edie:

Edie: Where's my Papa, Mama?

Me: Papa is at work tonight. Do you miss Papa?

Edie: No, I don't miss him because I am not crying. I am happy with my Mama because I am a baby jaguar. (squeaky voice) Baby jaguar, baby jaguar, I'm a baby jaguar"

... We continue getting ready for bed and talking together ...

Me: Edie, what book shall we read tonight?

Edie: No! Baby jaguar!

(Guess I got her identity wrong. An hour earlier she was "a twicewatops" dinosaur.)

At the dinner table:

E: When I was  a little girl I had a big fire engine and Jay Jay had a big bus and they were friends!"

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  1. Love love love those kids. They come out with some random stuff haha.

    Today bug watched me clean the bathroom. A few hours later she said 'its so shiny, who cleaned it?'
    I replied that I had to which she responded 'ok, so if you are going to tell the truth tell it now'.

    Haha, clearly someone has said it to her and she wanted to try it out!
    Jen x